Our Team


Five years ago, Owner Caroline Lytle created High Strung® from the need for a personal creative outlet. She loves colors, textures, and patterns and enjoys the process—as well as therapy—of decorating. So she decided to try her hand at jewelry design after exhausting almost all options for her home’s décor.

As a busy wife and mother of two, she recognized the need for easy, grab-and-go accessories that could pull any outfit together. Combining her passions and talents with those of her fabulous team members, she has created a brand already embraced by thousands. 

Most importantly to Caroline, High Strung has become more than just a jewelry-making venture—it has also become a service vehicle that provides aid to those that need it most through the company’s Doing Good and Showing Love initiative.

Doing Good and Showing Love Recipients include:

2018 Hurricane Relief | Food Bank NC | Paws4Vets | A Safe Place | 2017 Hurricane Relief for Texas | Provided 8 Buddy Benches to schools in New Hanover County