Brooke Eagle | Brooke Egale Art
Brooke is a local artist in Wilmington who loves living on the coast with her husband Caleb and baby girl Layla. Graduating from UNCW with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, she is passionate about all things creative whether she’s painting, decorating or even whipping up something in the kitchen. Brooke loves to travel (she and Caleb sold most everything they owned and traveled the world last year) and finds much of her inspiration by exploration. Whether it's taking a walk on Wrightsville beach and picking up a shell, finding a perfectly organized fruit stand on a street corner in Thailand, or trying something new at a local restaurant or cafe. Anytime her senses encounter something new she is driven to create a response. One of Brooke’s favorite things to do is work with Highstrung because she is often cheered on to create something that she hasn’t tried before. It is a constant open door for new explorations and she just loves that about it.
Allison Hunt Cooper | Alley Hunt Art
Inspired by the beautiful North Carolina coast, Allison specializes in nautical themes. “Alley Hunt" paints with a whimsical style. She expresses her love for the southern coast through her spectacular color combinations and creative themes. Her lively spirit shines through brilliant, eye-catching hues and imagery.