Sample of Cheetah Design - colors options - tradtional, pink green and blues
Sample of Ginger Jar Design
Azalea Pendant Necklace - Monogram w/ simple beadwork

Azalea Pendant Necklace - Monogram w/ simple beadwork

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We think the best place to display art is around your neck. 

These are one of a kind in every sense of the word. Hand painted by Allison Hunt Cooper and beaded with wooden beads to compliment the pendant. Colors will vary to compliment the colors of the pendant.

Measures 12 inches (24 inches around) from center and 3in hand painted pendant. Toggle Closure.

~Please note - this listing is for beadwork as shown in image (colors to vary)

To Order: we need to following at checkout - turnaround time is 2-3weeks. 

  1. Initials (First, Last, Middle)
  2. Style - Cheetah, Ginger Jar
  3. Color Preferences - Blue, Pink, Green, Traditional cheetah colors